About Us



Welcome to the colourful world of huemabe! 

huemabe was founded in 2019, they want to live and shop with more creative ideas, yet found that there was limited places to shop online which helped with this ambition. So we started huemabe to make it easier to make informed purchases.  We’ve got all the things you will need for you home, carrying the widest and funniest selection, so you could spend some time to browse to find out one thing that reflects you the most. 

The philosophy at huemabe is to provide the best customer purchasing experience and we aim for the highest standards of customer satisfaction but if you are a first time buyer on our site and are feeling hesitant, we totally understand it, so please feel free to take some time to look at our customer reviews.


huemabe is a e-commerce platform offering high-quality and creative products for your home.

Our story started since 2019, we are now partnering with different manufacturers worldwide to provide our customers a trustworthy product, we aim to create a huge marketplace for our customers to browse and find creative products easily. We are really excited to welcome you as a customer and to share our passion with you.

huemabe is the place that helps everyone, anywhere, to create their home with your own style. We're constantly developing our product lines, and we're on a mission to expand into as many 'every day' categories as possible. 

Our mission

“We put our customers at a very top  ”

We hope that you enjoy your visit, and find exactly what you are looking for.

We simply are not happy until our customers are happy, and will always go to great lengths to ensure that every enquiry ends with smiles all around! :)

With a solid 99% customer satisfaction record and thousands of glowing customer reviews, we tend not to blow our own trumpet. Instead, we leave this to you!